I bring over 25 years of professional experience from New York, Paris, Vienna and Zurich to each assignment. Born and educated in the US (Middlebury College, BA Russian), I have been living in Europe since 1995.

Although I have been working as an independent copywriter-consultant since 2006, my background is primarily in advertising and corporate communications. At Publicis, I held client service and senior strategic planning roles in two subsidiaries. The latter positions revolved around getting a quick read on complex issues and making recommendations rooted in knowledge of the wider context – and the people within it. To that end, I completed additional training in market research and interviewing techniques, notably with the Association of Qualitative Research Practitioners (UK), which continues to be useful today.

As for my interest in writing, I was the first Editorial Director of Cream magazine, a glossy English-language monthly dedicated to living in Zurich. I also write fiction and creative non-fiction, some of which has appeared in acclaimed publications in the US and Europe.

What all of this means is that I have developed an acute sense of how and why communication works – or doesn’t – and a passion for working with words.